Nurturing Hope in Rural Ethiopia

...through clean water and sanitation.

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Welcome to HORCO

Hope for Rural Children and Orphans (HORCO) is a volunteer-based charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency to carry-out water, sanitation, education and HIV/AIDS awareness projects in developing nations. We have been working in Ethiopia since becoming a charity in 2008. Read about Bob's journey and the founding of HORCO.

Our Mission is to ensure sustainable improvement in the quality of life of marginalized people, particularly among women and children in rural Ethiopia.

How We Do It.

HORCO provides financial resources for Board approved projects which are implemented by a registered all-Ethiopian NGO. Our work is done in partnership with rural communities who have requested our help following need - and asset-based, participatory activities with the NGO and district government officials, and who are committed to resource-sharing to accomplish and sustain the work. Simply put: we help Ethiopians meet their own needs.

Ethiopia's need in perspective...
Water for All Infographic

(*UNICEF Sources)

Why We Do It

Both HORCO and our affiliated NGO are Christian-based groups registered as humanitarian organizations, and dedicated to sharing the love and compassion that stems from faith in Jesus Christ. We seek to demonstrate Christ's love through our actions.

Our "100%" Commitment

100% of the project-designated gifts we receive go directly to Ethiopia to help implement the project. This is made possible by donors who contribute directly to our administrative and fund-raising expenses.

Sustainable Partnerships

We work in concert with local authorities and rural communities, regardless of their religious faith or ethnic origin. Completed projects are turned over to the community after local personnel have been trained and mechanisms have been put in place to maintain and sustain the facilities.


HORCO returned to the Kersa Villages
In 2014, HORCO returned to the Kersa Villages for a celebration of the work completed from 2013. Take a look at our Facebook page for the complete gallery.
Life in the Gimbichu District of Ethiopia
Life in the Gimbichu District of Ethiopia – subsistence farming in an agriculturally rich area. Our Facebook page has a gallery with more pictures.
Town of Cheffe Donsa
HORCO visited one of the 2014 work sites, the Town of Cheffe Donsa.
See the complete set of photos on our Facebook page.


Ms. Sisay's Story: Riqete Village

Download Ms. Sisay's story to read about how life has changed in her community of Riqete Village. A personal story outlining the importance and impact of HORCO’s Work.

Ms. Shewaye: Ethiopia - July 2012

Ms. Shewaye is one of the beneficiaries of the new water supply in Goro Buchura Village. Download Ms. Shewaye's story.

Clean Water and Sanitation Promote Sustainable Community and Economic Development
Several studies in rural Ethiopia conducted by Development Banks actually show that sustainable access to improved water and sanitation not only improves quality of life, but also brings tangible health, environmental and economic benefits, and contributes to poverty reduction. Investment in water and sanitation makes good economic sense. (Source)


Clean Water
A sample of the authentic Ethiopian fare on the evening's menu!

Thank You!

A special thanks for the 220 people who joined together at the dinner to provide $20,000 toward the 2016 water and sanitation work. Thanks to the sponsors: Sansin Corporation, Quench Water Canada Inc, and Robertson Hall Insurance Company.

Info regarding a 2016 dinner in November will be forthcoming.


There are several ways by which you can give to support the work of HORCO Canada in improving the quality of life in rural Ethiopia - but no matter which method you choose 100% of all funds received by HORCO Canada as project-designated gifts (“restricted” donations) go directly to Ethiopia to implement the project. This is made possible by donors who in addition to wanting to support projects, also realize that we will have administrative and fund-raising expenses. Their “unrestricted” gifts to our General Fund help to support the administrative and fund-raising expenses of HORCO Canada.

In addition to the donation options below, we'd love to buy you a coffee and hear about a talent, skill, or idea that you think would benefit the work of HORCO. Send us an email and we'll set something up.

Hope for Rural Children and Orphans (HORCO) is a Registered Corporation of Ontario (#1670425) and a Registered Charity with the Canada Revenue Agency (#82604 0941 RR0001)


HORCO Canada has partnered with to enable you to make secure credit card donations online.
Use the appropriate button below to donate to either the GENERAL FUND or the WATER/SANITATION FUND.

You will receive an official tax receipt for your total gift immediately by email from

All donations received through are subject to a 3.5% handling fee (deducted by CanadaHelps).


Please print and complete the donation form, and send this with your check or money order to the address below. Official tax receipts will be issued by HORCO Canada at the end of the year for the total amount donated throughout the year.

HORCO Canada
33 Elvira Cres
London, Ontario
N6E 2N1



Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Program

For more than 30 years, the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC) has been delivering social services in conjunction with spiritual ministries. From the beginning, expressing love by extending a helping hand to the needy was the tradition that distinguished the EKHC. Following the 1973/74 drought and subsequent famine, the church extended the dimension of its social services in collaboration with partners in the country and abroad. Today, as a Government-registered NGO, the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Service has grown both in diversity and coverage. With support from many international development agencies, the focus has shifted, however, from relief and rehabilitation to efforts to bring about sustainable change through development.

EKHC’s Integrated Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Program is currently HORCO’s implementation partner in working with rural communities.

Sansin Corporation

“Naturally Perfect™ wood protection”

Sansin is a major sponsor of our annual Ethiopian Dinner fund-raiser, “In Celebration of Clean Water”. This allows us to use all ticket revenue as money for support of work in Ethiopia.

Robertson Hall Insurance

Robertson Hall Insurance is an ongoing sponsor of HORCO through support of annual fund-raising efforts.

Hillside Church of London, Inc

“A community engaging in God’s mission.”

Hillside is an ongoing supporter of HORCO’s work with rural communities through its global missions program, donations received during its weekly Connection Time, and through support of HORCO’s annual fund-raising activity.

Faith Gospel Church

An Ethiopian Church in London committed to supporting the work of HORCO in rural communities through donations and partnership in presenting In Celebration of Clean Water, HORCO’s annual Ethiopian Dinner and fund-raiser.

Quench Water Canada Inc.

“Our mission is to provide the healthiest and safest drinking water possible. Our focus is customer satisfaction and value. We do this with honesty, integrity and with the best customer service in the industry.”

Quench is an ongoing sponsor of HORCO through support of annual fund-raising efforts and work with rural communities.

Ethio-Canadian Association of London

Ethiopians in London support HORCO through fund-raising efforts, particularly through their contribution of injera and their volunteer support for the annual Ethiopian Dinner.


For more information about nurturing hope in rural Ethiopia, feel free to contact us via the information below:

Dagim Almaw
HORCO Canada
33 Elvira Cr.,
N6E 2N1

Tel: 519 - 681 - 5319

Thank you.

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